THENnow: miart’s Face-off Between Emerging Artists and their Established Forbears

Artsy Editorial
Mar 20, 2014 1:57PM

What happens when eight pairs of artists from different generations—think Carla Accardi of the 1940s Italian avant-garde vis-a-vis with contemporary Swiss artist Nicolas Party—are brought together for comparison? As a face-off between older, historically established artists and those in newer generations, the THENnow section of Milan’s miart fair explores the dialogue between modern and contemporary art through strong and surprising pairings—John Divola and Oscar Tuazon, Mario Schifano and Cory Arcangel—that show the influence of one (the established) upon the other.

In our chat with co-proprietors of Fluxia Gallery, the gallerists tipped us off on the new series of works they’ll show by Italian artist Luca Francesconi, which will be met with sculptures by Jimmie Durham. To learn more about the section, we asked the THENnow curators—Alexis Valliant, Chief Curator of CAPC Bordeaux, and Giovanni Carmine, Director of Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen—to explain the importance of the juxtapositions.

“The history of art and the art world itself are made of references, networks, and contexts,” they told Artsy. “For younger artists, it is important to be contextualized within a wider historical context. And at the same time, through this juxtaposition we also get new layers of discourse for established artists—ones the public knows very well.” 

Image of Alexis Vaillant by Arthur Pequin

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