Three Things You Should Know About Andrew Holmquist

Artsy Editorial
Oct 16, 2013 4:08PM

1. Andrew Holmquist was working as a facilities manager at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago when he received a last-minute opportunity to be in a group show at Carrie Secrist Gallery. He has been represented by the gallery ever since.

2. He says of his work: “My paintings take advantage of the viscosity of oil paint and play with the mercurial nature of a representational image essentially made out of colorful mud. I often choose recognizable imagery from popular culture or the surrounding world to act as an invitation to the viewer.”

3. His work combines abstract and representational imagery, as well as a variety of mediums. He has recently been using a mixed-media approach, creating collages with spray paint, colored pencil, tape, and unconventional materials like pencil shavings or pizza crust.

Find Holmquist’s work in the TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art auction, 2013.

Artsy Editorial