Three Things You Should Know About Fernanda Gomes

1.  uses found objects to engage her architectural surroundings with space and objects. Thus, each installation she creates in site-specific.
2. She often paints objects with white paint, never employing other colors. When asked why she replies that it is a “receptive colour” which will best show the effects of light within a space.
3. ArtReview featured Gomes in their September 2013 issue; Oliver Basciano said of the artist: “To understand Gomes’s work is to understand the importance of her authorial hand in the validation of her work—which can perhaps be perceived as a self-portrait, charting her relationship with the material as she manipulates it into a sculptural object—a modernist perspective at odds with the more contemporary notion that it is the beholding subject who dictates the semantics of a work.”
Find Gomes’s work in the TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art auction, 2013.