Through the Lens of: Daido Moriyama

To understand , one would ideally walk a mile in his shoes, camera in hand. The photographer has spent his life photographing cities—a self-diagnosed addiction to the outdoors—which he has yet to tire of in his 74th year.
In the Artsy Films and Tate Modern collaboration, Moriyama reminds us why he’s at the top of our list for street photographers, and in a 2012 interview with Aperture, he reveals why black-and-white is his medium of choice in capturing gritty, urban life.
“Black-and-white photography has an erotic edge for me, in a broad sense... In any black-and-white image there is some variety of eroticism. If I am out wandering and I see photographs hung on the walls of a restaurant, say, if they are black and white, I get a rush! Its really a visceral response. I haven’t yet seen a color photograph that has given me the shivers.”
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