Top Ten Most-Viewed Artworks at the Dallas Art Fair

Emil Lukas, 'Night Machine,' 2011, Hosfelt Gallery

Emil Lukas

Night Machine, 2011

Hosfelt Gallery


We’re not surprised to find Diana Al-Hadid’s stunning sculptural wall piece—chosen as a highlight by Dallas collector and Goss-Michael Foundation co-founder Kenny Goss—booking in at number one as we tally the most-viewed artworks at the Dallas Art Fair, and our other favorites are not far behind. Have you made your must-see list yet? The fair opens this Friday!

10. Janet Fish, Yellow Glass Bowl with Tangerines, 2007, at DC Moore Gallery

9. James Hayward, Abstract #17, 2000, at anna meliksetian | MJBriggs

8. Emil Lukas, Night Machine, 2011, at Hosfelt Gallery

7. Sam Moyer, Untitled, 2014, at Nathalie Karg/ Cumulus Studios

6. Mariah Robertson, 16, 2013, at M+B

5. Penelope Umbrico, Signal Stills, 2010-2012, 2010-2012, at Mark Moore Gallery

4. Irby Pace, Oak Street, 2013, at Galleri Urbane

3. Eric Zener, White Cloak, 2013, at Gallery Henoch

2. Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe, 11:23pm (Tough Rock Mold and Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board #2), 2013, at Marlborough Chelsea

1. Diana Al-Hadid, Down with Venice, 2013, at OHWOW

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