Top Threes at Frieze

’Twas the week before Frieze, and Artsy asked around to find out which events have been starred, circled, and underlined in red pen from a handful of our friends. Find what’s not to be missed this week according to our favorite gallerists, curators, and Frieze insiders—apparently, many of whom think alike!
Your top three things to do/see during Frieze Week London this year:
1. See the show [“The Young Durer: Drawing the Figure”] at the Courtauld
3. Eat at the Locanda Locatelli and Umu restaurants at Frieze Masters
1. The exhibitions of Saloua Raouda Choucair and (2.) at Tate Modern. 
3. in ’s new building at the Serpentine Gallery.
Listen to Frieze Talks!
Have a long bath with a cold glass of wine and the latest issue of frieze magazine!
I hate having to pick favourites, as indeed almost the most exciting thing is having one’s mind changed, but if I had to predict three good things to see at Frieze, I would say:
1. Michaël Borremans at Zeno X and David Zwirner
2. Nilbar Güres at Rampa Gallery and Martin Janda
3. The people I will meet
Without a doubt: 1. the energy and originality of Sarah Lucas, “Situation: Absolute Beach Man Rubble” at the Whitechapel Gallery; 2. the new Serpentine Sackler Gallery in Hyde Park; and 3. For temporarily forgotten treasures, the ICA Off-Site exhibition at the Old Selfridges Hotel, “A Journey Through London Subculture, 1980s to Now”.  
1. The Serpentine show, , and ’s new building.
2. Richard Sides at Carlos Ishikawa
3. at the Whitechapel Gallery
3. The Serpentine’s Pavilion and the new  gallery.
Apart from other great fairs like Frieze Masters and Sunday Art Fair, 1. ’ solo show at Maureen Paley, 2. Fatima al Qadiri’s collaborative show at Project Native Informant, and 3.  at Seventeen Gallery.
I’m hoping, as I work for a not-for-profit gallery, I can get away with some shameless self-promotion:
1. Judith Hopf and Benjamin Senior at Studio Voltaire
2. Sunday Art Fair
3. Allied Editions at Frieze Art Fair
1.  at Tate Modern
2.  [“The Young Durer: Drawing the Figure”] at the Courtauld 
3. Marisa Merz at Serpentine
1. There are so many great shows to see but Hurvin Anderson at Thomas Dane is timeless and of course our [The Zabludowicz Collection] show with Andy Holden is unmissable
2. We have a night of musical performances on Friday, which will be great fun. 
3. And finally, I always make sure I have a table booked well in advance for a relaxed lunch on Saturday at HIX at the fair. I take my whole family and make a proper day out of it; it’s such a good way to refuel after a hectic week. Bring on the HIX FIX!
What are yours? Make a Post on Artsy about what you’re looking forward to this week—we’ll feature the best contributions.
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