Trending Artists Under 40 at arteBA 2014

Artsy Editorial
May 20, 2014 2:13PM

The 23rd edition of Buenos Aires art fair arteBA brings together over 500 artists—and Artsy points you to ten under-forties you won’t want to miss. From Buenos Aires-born Agustina Woodgate, who presents a sanded-down globe at Del Paseo (like the objects in the artist’s show currently on view at the local Faena Arts Center) to Amalia Pica, the Argentine artist in the number one spot—also a favorite from Frieze New York—here’s our list of names to know as you head to the fair this weekend.

10. Julián Terán

9. Agustina Woodgate

8. Carlos Motta

7. Carolina Magnin

6. Gonzalo M. Vargas

5. Nicolás Radic

4. Paul Lee

3. Jazmin Berakha

2. Adriana Minoliti

1. Amalia Pica

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Artsy Editorial