Trending Artists Under 40 at Frieze New York

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May 6, 2014 6:12PM

Wunderkinds of painting, photography, sculpture, digital art—or combinations thereof—we’ve singled out the top ten artists from the new class at Frieze New York. Including Whitney and Venice Biennale stars and artists quickly climbing the art world echelons, here’s a look at ten trending artists born post-1974—and ten reasons to be excited about Frieze New York.

10. Sanya Kantarovsky: Russian-born artist Sanya Kantarovsky produces video installations and sculptures, though he is best known for his paintings; his signature works often have thinly applied, wiped, or scraped layers of paint, and feature narrative scenes populated by isolated, sinewy figures. 

9. Gregor Hildebrandt: Conceptual, Berlin-based artist Gregor Hildebrandt transforms the near-obsolete relics of recording technology—like VHS, cassettes, and vinyl records—into sculptures, paintings, photographs and installations. To make his signature paintings, Hildebrandt applies tapes directly to the canvas, making impressions with them before finally adhering the cassettes themselves. 

8. Daniel Gordon:Brooklyn-based photographer Daniel Gordon turns his medium on its head: his large-scale C-prints are of three-dimensional sculptures and tableaus built from digital images gleaned from online sources. Gordon’s layered work is intensely transparent and revealing of the artist’s hand, tearing, cutting, and mashing the images together. 

7. Amalia Pica: Argentine artist Amalia Pica is known to reference obsolete technologies, evidenced in her 2013 work The wireless way in low visibility (recreation of the first system for non cable transmission, as seen on TV),which recreates an experiment by the early 20th-century Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi, and which is on view at Johann König’s booth.

6. Eddie Peake: British artist Eddie Peake takes multidisciplinary approaches in his ongoing exploration of the lapses in various modes of communication, and the ambiguities of sexuality and gender. Peake’s oeuvre has included video, photography, painting, sculpture, installation, and choreographed performances with sound. 

5. Katherine Bernhardt: Rendering female models and celebrities on large-scale canvases and with quick, expressive brushstrokes, painter Katherine Bernhardt examines representations of beauty in mainstream media and fashion photography. Her recent works feature repeating motifs of colorful objects, like pizza, basketballs, and fruit.

4. Danh Vo: Berlin-based artist Dahn Vo’s conceptual works explore themes of appropriation and fragmentation, incorporating his experience as a Vietnamese-born Danish citizen and consistently using his own life as material. Last year, Vo was featured in the 2013 Venice Biennale, where he presented the ruins of a 200-year-old Catholic church that he had shipped from Vietnam.

3. Cory Arcangel: Based in Brooklyn, Cory Arcangel is a post-conceptual artist known for technology-based art, often involving modified videogames and computer software, music, and performance. Arcangel was featured in the 2004 Whitney Biennial, and in 2011, became the youngest artist since Bruce Nauman to be granted an exhibition spanning an entire floor of the Whitney.

2. Alexander Tovborg: Influenced by religious art and metaphysics, Danish artist Alexander Tovborg creates semi-abstract paintings, sculptures, and drawings that combine biomorphic forms, patterns, and dream imagery. He blends his imagination and dream experiences with Western religion and European folk traditions, a combination that gives his paintings a mythic dimension and the objects and occasional figures in them an almost archetypal significance. 

1. Jeppe Hein: Danish artist Jeppe Hein creates installations that challenge the traditional notion of the passive viewer. His site-specific works are conceptual, interactive, and often activated by their viewers, such as the polished steel Geometric Mirrors featured in the sculpture garden at Frieze London 2013, which offered reflections of passersby.

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