Warhol in the Words of 10 Artists

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Jun 22, 2013 3:01PM

Ryan McGinness: “We prefer our art to look like art and our artists to behave like artists. Andy courageously ignored those expectations.” [Source]

Deborah Kass: “I consider Andy’s work to be really autobiographical, very deeply felt, and the opposite of everything he said about it.” [Source]

Wang Guangyi: “Andy Warhol gave me some ideas. He showed me that anything can become a work of art. Maybe, the more simple a thing is, the easier it can become art.” [Source]

Francesco Vezzoli: “The man who really made a big fresco of the world was Warhol... I think his late commissioned portraits are so amazing. Even the portraits of the people who are now unknown are so fantastic. You just read in these people’s faces a kind of Proustian melancholy.” [Source]

Alex Katz: “He’s such a terrific graphic artist that he could make things that are more interesting than a lot of paintings, but it’s not the same thing as a painting, for me.” [Source]

Elizabeth Murray: “Along came the Pop artists and Andy Warhol and they just said, ‘This is bullshit. Let’s make fun of the culture, let’s use the stuff around us.’ Andy Warhol painted soup cans, and he did it with style.” [Source]

Mike Kelley: “Andy Warhol could not have a career now. He would be sued every two seconds.” [Source]

Sherrie Levine: “There’s an emptiness in Warhol's work that's always been very interesting to me... There are three spaces: the original image, his image, and then a space in between, a sort of Zen emptiness—an oblivion.” [Source]

Takashi Murakami: “I’m very sad to be compared with Warhol and the factory, because I have no drugs, you know. We have no drug culture in Japan!” [Source]

Kara Walker: “My teenage idol, however, was Andy Warhol... I was fascinated by the way he operated in the art world, and by the fact that people for the longest time, perhaps to this day, couldn't figure out if he was a genius or an idiot savant... In fact, my identification with Warhol was so strong at one point that when he died, people sent me condolence cards.” [Source

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