Zach Feuer, in Character, Brings New Artists to NADA

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Nov 29, 2013 3:08PM

Since Zach Feuer’s first art show at age 19, held from his college apartment in Boston, the New York-dealer has been branded as an art world “wunderkind”—and each time the word is printed, it fits. “The quick version is: I went to art school, made mediocre art, did a show in my apartment of my friends’ work, met some people who wanted to open a gallery in New York, came to New York to work for them, knew nothing and struggled to sell art,” Feuer begins—demurely—knowing well the impossibility to condense his decade-plus of prodigious dealing into a single, blasé list. “Eventually, artists I started working with gained some recognition, and the gallery grew.”

Today, Feuer is known for fostering the careers of emerging artists—among them Dana Schutz, Jules de Balincourt, and Kevin Zucker—which is perhaps one reason he earned a place as one of Art Review’s 100 most powerful figures in the art world. And for Feuer, branded more so for his close relationships with artists rather than for following a particular program, his artists always come first. “I care about doing good shows by good artists every month,” he says.

Next week, the New Art Dealers Alliance—a nonprofit collective Feuer co-founded in 2002—will open doors to their annual art fair in Miami Beach, known for exposing new and underrepresented art. Naturally, Zach Feuer will be among the dealers. “NADA is the only fair we participate in that has a focus on ‘new’ so we tend to bring our younger artists or artists that are new to the gallery,” he says. “Out of all the fairs that I do, NADA Miami is far and away the best place to introduce something new to the public.”

So what artists and artworks, in particular, is Feuer excited to debut?

Jeremy DePrez:

“This will be the first time we will be showing work by Jeremy DePrez. Jeremy is a Houston-based artist and a former assistant of Jeff Elrod and Mark Flood. These paintings at first can feel very direct, but after a minute you start to realize how much has been tweaked. Stuff is amiss—the stretcher bars are funny shapes, the grids slip and twitch. These paintings are completely handmade but give the impression of some kind of digital glitch that is rarely captured in such a physical way.”

Stuart Hawkins:

“I will also be showing paintings by Stuart Hawkins. Stuart is an artist we’ve been showing for years, but this is the first time that she has made paintings. In the past, she has worked in Nepal and India collaborating with locals to construct totally insane images of the West through the filter of her collaborators. For this series of paintings, she has taken some of the tropes of Western luxury used to sell new real estate developments in the East. The end result is a series of very surreal interiors.”

And last, Feuer’s top picks at NADA:

“Two of my favorite galleries will be at NADA this year, 247365 and Knowmoregames, and together they make up two thirds of the “Donut District” in Brooklyn. I like almost all of what they show—Daniel Heidkamp, Jamian Juliano-Villani, David Levine—but the project I’m most looking forward to this year is the NPR Bar; a nightclub / art space being run by Knowmoregames in Miami for the week.”

Zach Feuer, NADA Miami 2013, Main, Booth 506, Dec. 5th – 8th.

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