Agency for Intellectual Guest Work
Oct 19, 2014 2:15PM

Trashed invites you to rummage about among the piles of fragments and wreckages that are already impossible to identify. Scraps of out-dated newspapers, pieces of useless objects hold patchy memories and quote the reality inside the artworks. Trashed object loses its integrity and finds it again inside the cadre of the oeuvre. Garbage is a lost material of history that, in this case, becomes immortalized.

The proposal is inspired by the observation of combined paintings by Robert Rauschenberg. Collage artworks postulate the presence of vivid time inside artist's creations. The painting doesn't have a beginning as the artist conceives it when it is already born. The artist is, thus, a witness of creation.

Bouteille sure une table (Bottle on a Table, 1912) by Pablo Picasso, Verre, bouteille et journal (Glass, Bottle, and Journal, 1912) by Georges Braque and Interventionist Demonstration (Manifestazione Interventista, 1914) by Carlo Carrà give the first inside of technique, incorporating the existing substances of actuality. 

Hannah Hoch's Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany (1919) depicts the chaotic feeling of history going on within the Dada approach that acutely accents the negative points of social and political reality.

Merzbild mit Regenbogen (Merz Picture With Rainbow, 1920-39) and Cottage (1946) by Kurt Schwitters, the founder of one-man movement Merz, show an aesthetically exquisite tragedy of broken lost morsels of reality.  Bruce Conner's assemblage Looking Glass (1964) embodies the stuffed accumulation of media and cinema images that could have been magazines' extracts. 

Three combined artworks by Robert Rauschenberg Trophy I (for Merce Cunningham, 1959), Monogram (1955-1959) and Untitled (Early Egyptian, 1973) culminate the omnipresence of junk in the art piece, rubbish that revives art and is monumentalized in it. 

The ironical dot, which concludes the project, finds itself in the installation Chalk & Cheese (2013) by contemporary artist Leroy Sofyan.   

Agency for Intellectual Guest Work