All That Power

Elena Soboleva
Oct 3, 2012 3:02PM

I got to chat with Marco a little while ago and he shared some interesting thoughts about his work. His background in film, informs the "method by which he makes his work" but not his target audience. He told me that he makes about 5-6 works every year and one of them is a commission piece - like the Miami Basel 2010 Evolution for the Standard Hotel, RPM for Ferrari or Kanye West music video for Power.

Though his work can be sampled on Vimeo, he strongly believes that "In time based pieces you have to create a sensibility and an experience which is not reproducible in some ways. My video work is essentially installation work."

His pieces are indeed an experience and seeing it in person - and in 3-D - allows one to really witness his innovative mastery of the medium.

Elena Soboleva