Frightful Fairytales

Elena Soboleva
Oct 2, 2012 7:50PM

If someone gave me a budget of $5,000 and asked me what single piece of art I would buy - I would likely say Marcel Dzama. His work is very subtle and crafts fantastical narratives in a unique way which makes you feel like you fell into the pages of a fairy tale, but one with a sinister ending.

We are conditioned to look at a lot of loud (and at times obnoxious) art and get desensitized as viewers, always expecting the next grand spectacle. It is startling to come across Dzama's intimate watercolors and one can't help but be absorbed and appreciate draftsmanship anew.

Here is a great video the Tate, UK did a few years ago with the artist scaling his intimate work into live action: Tate Shots Video

Elena Soboleva