#MustSee: Leo Fitzpatrick – Poem Paintings

Elena Soboleva
Feb 4, 2014 6:20PM

The Artist Is Always Right 
Even When Its Wrong

And other truisms of self-deprecatingly brilliant nature are currently on view at The National Exemplar by the wunderkind Larry Clark discovered skateboarding in Washington Square Park and cast in the cult classic, Kids

Now the familiar downtown artist also runs a space called Home Alone 2 in the Lower East Side.

Earlier this fall, Leo had a show at 55 Ganservoort, a pop-up run by Ellie Rines, which featured Munch-esque version of the Mona Lisa and suspended ear pieces.

Here are a couple snaps of the two shows, the latter during install since the storefront space was visible 24/7 from the street.

–Elena Soboleva

Elena Soboleva