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How Artsy’s Most Successful Galleries Increase Sales Ahead Of Fairs

Hundreds of galleries have uploaded their booths to the Artsy Miami fair previews for Miami Basel, NADAPULSE, and Design Miami/ which launched yesterday. If you haven't uploaded yours yet, you can continue to edit and add more works anytime.

To help you get the most from your Miami presence, we are sharing the top 6 things the most successful galleries do to market and sell fair works online.

1. Increase email opens 20% by sending between 11am and noon

After much testing and research, we have found that the highest email open rate is just before lunch time, during mid-week days. 

Tip: During the fairs, send emails on the day your collectors will arrive in Miami, with a subject line welcoming them to the fair.

2. Upload works to Artsy by Friday to ensure inclusion in Sunday ‘Follow Emails’

On Sunday, Artsy users receive their weekly Follow Email, with works and shows by all the artists they follow on Artsy. This results in a large number of inquiries, more than twice the typical day. Take advantage of this additional promotion by uploading new works by Friday.

3. Pre-qualify collectors by listing pricing info

If you’d rather not list an exact price, providing at least a price range helps ensure those inquiring are serious collectors, without giving away any sensitive information and still allowing you to engage collectors who wish to know the exact price.

4. Post behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram to promote sales

Create excitement by giving collectors a sneak peek of your booth by posting photos of the works being uncrated. Hashtag the artists you are bringing and encourage collectors to do so as well. We will devote future posts to Instagram’s use for galleries; in the meantime you can share this with your social media person.

5. Respond to ‘Confirmed Buyers’ first

When an Artsy inquiry arrives in your inbox, check the subject line. If you see “Artsy Confirmed Buyer,” respond right away. These are collectors who have already purchased artworks through Artsy, and are more likely to buy again.

6. Use Rapportive to learn more about collectors inquiring on your works

Artsy Specialists use this app, and it’s been a tech industry secret for some time. The Gmail add-on Rapportive is a tool that amalgamates data from LinkedIn and social media to give you a snapshot of a user with such key data points as their location and profession.

“Artsy did a preview that featured two of our artists by two different curators. Those leads alone sold between three and four works in the booth before we opened... It was actually Artsy that made us so successful!”

   — LA-based gallery exhibiting at Dallas Art Fair 2014


Elena Soboleva (@elenasoboleva) is a contemporary art Specialist at @Artsy. She works with collectors, manages art fair sales, and develops curatorial programming. She studied economics and art history and writes about the art market and online trends.

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