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  • Social Media Toolkit & Webinar

    Is Your Gallery Getting the Most Out of Social?

    Your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts are key digital extensions of your gallery that can directly connect you with artists, curators, collectors, art-world influencers, and more. 

    Most galleries are only scratching the surface when it comes to the benefits that a thoughtful social strategy can provide. And, the art world has its own audiences and best practices on social media.

    • Sample pages from Artsy's Social Media Toolkit

      Sample pages from Artsy's Social Media Toolkit

    To help you make the most of these powerful channels, Artsy just released a Social Media Toolkit, a new step-by-step guide in which you’ll find insider tips like: 

    • How to build your reach with collectors on Instagram
    • Tips for building a successful campaign on Facebook
    • 9 kinds of Tweets that will get you noticed 
    • And much more!

    Download Artsy's LATEST Social Media Toolkit

    Whether you’re looking to improve your existing social media efforts, launch a campaign, or measure your reach, Artsy's new Social Media Toolkit provides tips, examples, and ideas to help galleries make a splash. 


    Learn more about Social Media 

    in the Art & Design World

    On Wednesday September 30, 2015 social media experts Mark Rosen (@artsy), Susi Kenna (@fitzandco), and Greg Gestner (@cooperhewitt) shared their insider tips and best practices for the art and design world  during Artsy’s live webinar.

    WATCH the Webinar

    Social media experts—

    A discussion and Q&A about social media for the art and design world 

    Where: Watch from any location or device here.

    Why: The art and design world has its own needs, audiences, and best practices online—this webinar will help art and design professionals succeed.

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