Yemenite Photographer Amr Attamimi on his "Lalaland" Series

Nov 1, 2016 12:10PM

EMERGEAST shines the spotlight on Yemeni artist Amr Attamimi to discover more about him and his latest series "Lalaland."

Lalaland , 2013

EMERGEAST: Who is Amr Attamimi the photographer? 

Amr Attamimi: A Yemeni artist who travels through time and space with his thought and vision.

E: Your "Lalaland" series is highly capturing and thought provoking – what were your inspirations behind it?

AA: They were mixed feelings of wanting to live in the land of imagination, Lalaland however is not a perfect land for everyone, but it is perfect for me.

Lalaland II, 2014

E: Your technique (particularly in your "Lalaland series") is unique – tell us a little more about how you adopted this technique and your intentions with it. 

AA: My intention behind using this photography technique is to express myself better. It is very compelling for me to be able to put two things together and add my own uniqueness to it to deliver my subtle feelings and thoughts to the public. My photography technique makes me more in control of the message that I want to put forward.

E: How has your move from Yemen to the UK influenced your art, in terms of identity still playing a role in your production?

AA: There is definitely a different influence to my art here in the UK than in Yemen. I cannot say if it is better or worse, but it is absolutely something different. There are different kinds of inspirations when I look at things like the architecture and the scenery of everything around me. This does not change my identity, but, however, in one way or the other it has an effect on my work.

Lalaland III, 2014

E: As a young Yemeni artist at such an early stage of his career – what can we expect from Amr Attamimi in the coming years?

AA: I have big dreams to achieve, in the coming years I want to exhibit my work in different regions in the world especially America, Japan, and the Middle East.

E: If you had the chance to be a world-renowned artist for a day, who would it be?

AA: Salvador Dalí

E: Finally, are you in Lalaland?

AA: Lalaland is not only a location, it is a state of mind. I feel I am on the right path to it but eventually I am sure I will get there.