My Highlights from Frieze Masters 2014

Ernst Vegelin van Claerbergen
Oct 8, 2014 10:06PM

Curiosity is surely the essential virtue for visitors to Frieze Masters, curiosity and a readiness to be surprised. So, my choice of six items includes one or two things that I know I will be delighted to see and others that intrigue and puzzle me and which I am looking forward to learning more about. 

My selection: 

Petrus Apianus, Astronomicum Caesareum, 1540, at Daniel Crouch Rare Books

Alberto Burri, Cretto nero, 1976, at Dominique Lévy Gallery

Keiji Uematsu, Tree/Man, 1973, at Yumiko Chiba Associates 

Jean Dubuffet, Jardin aux oiseaux (Situation CIII), February 24, 1979, at Pace Gallery

Leon Kossoff, Children’s Swimming Pool, 1970, at Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert 

Wayne Thiebaud, Tie Tray, 1969, at Acquavella Galleries

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Ernst Vegelin van Claerbergen