“Lines in Space – three approaches to the drawing”

Sep 27, 2014 2:41PM

 The ECCO – Contemporary Culture Center in Brasília, Brazil capital, is the most important and consolidated institutional cultural space in the capital of Brazil and it celebrate 14 years this year.

It now  presents the exhibition “Lines in Space – three approaches to the drawing” a group show on display until November 13th 2014. It has the participation of the artists Carolina Ponte, Pedro Varela, Quirarte+Ornelas.


The exposition proposes investigation and approach about the practice of drawing as a creative platform.

Besides the traditional techniques used for drawing, such as pencil, ink and watercolor on paper, the Brazilian artists Carolina Ponte and Pedro Varela and the Mexicans Quirarte + Ornelas also use many alternatives as: collage, sculpture, object, installation and intervention to represent the practice of drawing. Some works were created especially for the exhibition site becoming “site specifics”.

The idea is to transform the two-dimensional aspect of the drawing into three-dimensional, showing both representation as abstraction. The artworks have a common meaning, in which mix about the reconfiguration and expansion of the concept of drawing.


In the context of the exhibition, ECCO conducted another stage of your educational program, starting with the XXXIX Technical Meeting for Educators. The idea of the program is to enable teachers and educators, making a crossover between art and various interdisciplinary themes. To do so, it was distributed a free publication, that provides suggestions of activities to be developed in the classroom. The content of the publication fits in the National Curriculum Standards – PCN and all Technical Meetings are recognized as an extension course at the University of Brasilia – UNB. The theme this time was “Materiality and Construction”, covering the disciplines of Geometry, History and Social Sciences, and the event took place in the auditorium of the Colégio do Sol, near the Iguatemi mall.

During the exhibition there will be daily group visits of all ages with the possibility of practical activities as workshops at ECCO.

On site can be visited the Library Wladimir Murtinho, the 96th unit of House of Knowledge, that has over 3,000 publications of various subjects, especially art and culture.


The ECCO also maintains a challenging project: the EEI !! – ECCO Itinerant Education, which leads the educational program to the schools, prioritizing services to needy communities of DF and surroundings.

It meets the demands of the community / school itself and follows the work started in center, after visits. The displacement of EEI representatives to different schools creates a closer relationship with the universe of each, values ​​the school and / or institutional space, helps to revitalize and renew the way to approach the arts by participants and deepen the content learned from the free publication and guided tour of each exposure.


Carolina Ponte - Born in Salvador in 1981, lives and works in Petropolis. She graduated in Engraving by the School of Fine Arts at the UFRJ in 2005. Had a scholarship of the National Council of Technological and Scientific Development with a research entitled “Bidimensional Demonstrations in the 80's Art in Brazil. Carolina specialized herself in painting and crochet techniques. In her work, seeks to integrate more simple lifestyle values interconnected to the nature. During her career, she participated in exhibitions in and outside Brazil, of which stand out: Realidades Impossíveis - Ateliê 397 - Sao Paulo, 2009; Abre Alas - A Gentil Carioca – Rio de Janeiro, 2006; AH - Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage - Rio de Janeiro, 2006; Nos Pontos de Encontro: Pedro Varela and Carolina Ponte - Espaço ECCO - Brasília, 2008; Realidades Impossibles, 20 artistas brasileños trabajando com fotografia hoy - Fototeca Juan Malpica Mimendi – Mexico, 2008; Dusk to Dawn... Threads of Infinity (with Pedro Varela) -  Doha, Qatar, 2014.

Pedro Varela - Born in 1981 in Niteroi, he lives and works in Petropolis. Following his parent’s steps, both professors in Fine Arts, he graduated in 2005 at the UFRJ with a specialization in Engravings. He always sought to work with materials that are present in the everyday life, such as ballpoint pens and adhesive vinyl. The explored surfaces may vary through paper, glass and walls. He uses to create expanded paintings while playing with adhesive vinyl textures that runs the floor, enters the premise and turns into sculpture. He has exhibited in several art galleries in Rio de Janeiro and around the world. Had his individual exhibition entitled Pedro Varela Centre Culturel Jean-Cocteau - Les Lilas – France, 2014 and at Galeria Zipper - Sao Paulo, 2013; Nouvelles Indes - 11 Bis – Paris – França, 2012. Also the group shows: Gigante pela Própria Natureza - Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno – Valencia – Spain, 2011; SMART Festival – San Miguel Allende – Mexico, 2013; Tiro no Escuro – Galeria Bangbang, Lisboa – Portugal, 2013 and Silencio - Galeria Zipper - Sao Paulo, 2010.

Quirarte+Ornelas – Born in City of Mexico, Anabel Quirarte (1980) and Jorge Ornelas (1979), finished in 2004 the course of Bachelor in Fine Arts at ENPEG “La Esmeralda”. Both participed in an exchange program in Germany They developed a joint work, in which were created lots of artworks, from the use of materials and tools common to construct of a new meaning. This metamorphosis of form and its function has been widely explored in the project Estruturas e Fragmentos, in which were created paintings and installations that promote dialogues between the fragmented and structural parts of the works and result in the formation of a new concept of the whole. They also had participated of several individual exhibitions such as Estructuras Modulares – Galería Enrique Guerrero – DF – Mexico, 2014; Public Inscape / Private Landscape – Ramis Barquet Gallery – New York – EUA, 2008; Acciones y objectos modificados – Galería Enrique Guerrero – DF – Mexico, 2008. Some of the group exhibitions: Sonorama ARTE y tecnología del Hi-fi al mp3 – Museo Universitario del Chopo – DF – Mexico, 2013; After the Object – Y Gallery – New York – EUA, 2013; Hold the Line – Ferenbalm-Gurbrü Station – Karlsruhe – Alemanha, 2007.


Exhibition: “Linhas no Espaço – três aproximações ao desenho”

Visitation: until November 13th, 2014

Scheduling group visits: emails [email protected]; [email protected]Open Monday-Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.Sundays and Holidays from 2p.m. to 8 p.m.SHIN CA 4 Loja 143 – Lago norte. 1st floor, Iguatemi mall. Brasilia.



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