More Painting

Nov 22, 2014 1:52PM

 The ECCO – Contemporary Culture Center in Brasília, Brazil, is the most important and consolidated institutional cultural space in the capital of Brazil and it celebrate 14 years this year. It now presents its new group show, “More Painting”, on display until January 23th 2015.

The curators Bruno Miguel and Luiz Ernesto have put selected painting works from 11 artists from Parque Lage – Rio de Janeiro), which represents the new generation which came from one of the best visual arts schools in Brazil- EAV/Parque Lage. They are: Angela Od (RJ), Benjamin Rothstein (RJ), Bruno Belo (RJ), Caio Pacela (SP), Cláudia Porto (PA), Cláudio Gabriel (RJ), Fabiano Devide (SC), Fernanda Leme (RJ), Gabriel Secchin (RJ), Makh Yosizawa (JAP) and Paloma Ariston (RJ).

It will be the first time an event of this size meets the Parque Lage in Brasilia, opening paths to new partnerships in the near future.



The project “More Painting” emerged in 2013 as an outcome of the course Practical-theoretical issues in contemporary painting at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, directed by Luiz Ernesto and Bruno Miguel. It is presenting paintings by new artists who meet weekly for discussion and critical analysis of their work with the supervisors. A group in constant transformation and currently has more than 30 participants, of which 11 were selected to participate in this exhibition. We tried to select the artists that could show in their work strenght, discipline and diversity of painting from a group of young artists in Rio de Janeiro.

In the last years, we have followed the rapid development of digital technologies. The most mundane experiences of everyday life become, for all kinds of devices, in images that are instantly posted on social networks and distributed everywhere. Short-lived, are seen by only seconds, giving way to others, and others that succeed in an endless stream. But, far from being opposed to this world of technology, the painting fertilizes with it. “More Painting” wants to feed the debate. In this world, the picture becomes a seemingly paradoxical practice: time consuming to learn, time consuming to make, time consuming to fruition and especially difficult to define. And yet it persists.



 During the exhibition, ECCO will conduct another stage of its educational program, starting with the 40th Technical Meeting for Educators. The idea of the program is to enable teachers and educators, making a crossover between art and various interdisciplinary themes. To do so, it will be distributed a free publication, that provides suggestions of activities to be developed in the classroom. The content of the publication fits in the National Curriculum Standards – PCN and all Technical Meetings are recognized as an extension course at the University of Brasilia – UNB. The theme this time will be “Painting, image and technology”, covering the disciplines of Art, History, Geography and Sciences, and the event took place in the auditorium of the Colégio do Sol, near the Iguatemi mall.

During the show there will be daily group visits of all ages with the possibility of practical activities as workshops at ECCO. On site can be visited the Library Wladimir Murtinho, the 96th unit of House of Knowledge, that has over 3,000 publications of various subjects, especially art and culture.

 The ECCO also maintains a challenging project: the EEI!! – ECCO Itinerant Education, which leads the educational program to the schools, prioritizing services to needy communities of DF and surroundings.


Exhibition: “More Painting"

Until January 23th, 2015


Educational Program

Theme: “Painting, image and technology”

Disciplines: Art, History, Geography and Sciences


Scheduling group visits: emails [email protected]; [email protected]

Open Monday-Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sundays and Holidays from 2p.m. to 8 p.m.

SHIN CA 4 Loja 143 – Lago norte. 1st floor, Iguatemi mall. Brasilia.