Jun 7, 2018 2:33PM

ETEL takes part in DesignMiami/ Basel 2018 with “A (CON)TEMPORARY HOME”, an installation for the Collectors Lounge of the fair designed by the architecture firm Superluna.

The project is based on the idea of creating a temporary domestic setting composed of a series of refined scenes containing furnishings from the ETEL collection.

The spaces of the exclusive lounge are enclosed by modular steel scaffolding deployed in a linear, impressive but minimal design, draped with vertical panels in light beige cotton to create a harmonious separation from the existing architecture.

Inside, after the zone containing the “Perrier-Jouët” bar, a welcoming, sophisticated space opens out, formed by sets composed of seats, tables, coffee tables and carpets created by historic and contemporary Brazilian designers: the “simulated” walls of the space are enhanced by splendid photographs by Ruy Teixeira, narrating the city of São Paulo.

The refined lines of pieces that have made design history, reissued on the basis of the original drawings, meet contemporary objects of remarkable character, creating an imaginary ETEL residence: a space that hovers between its functional and aesthetic roles, in which to relax and find inspiration, admiring the multiple hues of the fine tropical wood varieties used in the furnishings.

One outstanding feature is a precious selection of projects by Jorge Zalszupin, a tribute organised by ETEL for the 96th birthday of one of the great masters of Brazilian modernism.