Emmanuelle Rybojad Exhibition at Maison Guerlain Paris

Eternity Gallery
Apr 11, 2018 9:12AM

Talented artist Emmanuelle Rybojad has joined forces with French beauty brand Guerlain for a limited-time art exhibition at Maison Guerlain Paris, celebrating the Rouge G lipstick.

The artist and beauty brand have partnered for a limited-time exhibition.

Window of Maison Guerlain in Paris where two of her works are displayed.

Vibrant, playful, mesmerizing; words that can easily describe both artworks by Emmanuelle Rybojad and a woman’s daring lipstick, never failing to seduce and impress.

Mirrors, neon lights, LED, Plexiglass. Her works take viewers on a journey through illusion where time and space no longer exist. Inspired by the OpArt movement and the emblematic symbols of 1970s pop culture, works invite viewers to set themselves free from the static reality and be captured by what one sees and perceives.

Where art meets beauty.

Some of the most emblematic works by Rybojad will be gracing the signature Maison Guerlain on Champs-Élysées, Paris this month.

Exhibition details

Maison Guerlain

68 avenue des Champs-Elysées Paris 8e arrondissement, France

26 March – 29 April 2018

Emmanuelle Rybojad x Guerlain

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A large selection of works by Emmanuelle Rybojad can be found at Eternity Gallery Miami, Singapore and eternitygallery.com.

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