Emmanuelle Rybojad interviewd by TV5

Eternity Gallery
Aug 24, 2018 10:24AM

Young artist Emmanuelle Rybojad was interviewed by French television channel TV5.

She was praised for her unique artistic style and the diversity of her works. Whether she uses mirrors, LED Lights, shapes or everyday objects, her pieces always flirt with infinity and are a never-ending source of optical illusions.  

Emmanuelle Rybojad
I SEE YOU / Blue-Silver, 2018, 2018
Eternity Gallery

French craftsmanship is a key element in bringing her works to life. As she vividly explains in the video, she collaborates with some of the most skilled makers whose experience and meticulousness are profound.

When describing her art, she highlighed "there is a light source and a mirror on either side of it, so the image is reflected in a mirror. The other side of it and in turn the reflect ionof this image is infinitely reflected in the other mirror".

Rybojad always looks for ways to transform and re-create objects, away from their traditional use.

A plethora of her works are found at Eternity Gallery Miami and Singapore.

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