New artist: George Morton-Clark

Eternity Gallery
Nov 22, 2018 3:57PM

Several new works by the artist are now part of the Eternity Gallery collection.

We are thrilled to announce that George Morton-Clark is now part of the Eternity Gallery family.

George draws inspiration from the subconscious and his works explore the darker sides of modern society and its humans. Infleunced by Arnulf Rainer, Jean-Michael Basquiat and many known and unknown street artists, his work highlights the connection of the originality of street art and the hidden truths behind what we perceive.

Several works by the British artist have been added to the #ArtByEternity collection and a plethora of those are currently on display at Eternity Gallery Miami.

Several works by the Morton-Clark have been added to the #ArtByEternity collection.

A plethora of new works are currently on display at Eternity Gallery Miami.

Artist Biography

George Morton-Clark was born and raised in Tooting, South London; a descendant of Sir Joshua Reynolds, the founder and first president of the Royal Academy of Arts. He studied animation for 3 years at London University, Surrey Institute of Art and Design. After graduating from his BA, he left to pursue a career in art but animation remained a strong influence in his craft.

Now based in East London, George Morton-Clark has exhibited alongside the likes of George Condo, Tracey Emin, Andrew Salgado, Nick Gentry and Damien Hirst. His work can be found in major collections across the US, Europe, The Middle East and the Far East. And he has also collaborated with major brands including DeLonghi, The Macmillan Cancer Trust and Penguin Books.

Earlier this year he sold out his works in a major show in Beirut concluding with 24 pieces going to prestigious collections across the world. Morton-Clark’s works are large and bold canvases made with oil and acrylic within a contemporary abstract form. He takes his inspiration from films, music, his travels and pop imagery.

The artist in his London studio.

For more information on his available works please contact [email protected]

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