My Highlights from arteBA 2014

Eva Grinstein
May 12, 2014 7:34PM

Though arteBA isn’t exactly a young fair, one could state that it is surprisingly fresh since so many talented Argentine artists are almost unknown outside of the country. The foreign visitor in search of discoveries will have a unique opportunity to fall in love with new names, new pieces, new ideas, probably not seen before in major international exhibitions. Nevertheless, like in every fair the biggest—which is not always the better—might monopolize the attention. Here’s a shortcut to some delicate, subtle, and exquisite emerging Argentine artists that you shouldn’t miss. Look for them and enjoy!  

My Selection:

Diego de Aduriz, Paisaje Abecedario, 2013, at Mite

Santiago Villanueva, Museo del Fondo del Paraná, 2012-2014, at Y Gallery

Maximo Pedraza, ST, 2014, at miau miau

Aili Chen, no title, 2013, at Schlifka | Molina Arte Contemporáneo 

Adriana Minoliti, Untitled, 2014, at Galeria Oscar Cruz 

Florencia Rodriguez, Untitled, at Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte          

Mariana Sissia, Paisaje Mental, 2014, at Baró Galeria

Nicolas Martella, Decisive memento, 2013, at Isla Flotante 

Sol Pipkin, Mundo sonoro en el interior de un zapallo, 2014, at Big Sur Galería

Paola Vega, Sin título 1, 2013, at Abate Galería

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Eva Grinstein