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Ever Gold [Projects]
Oct 27, 2019 12:02AM

Sura Wood — September 3, 2019

Installation view, A Family Affair, Shaina McCoy at Ever Gold [Projects], San Francisco, 2019.

Ever Gold Projects: "Shaina McCoy: A Family Affair" In a new group of intimate portrait paintings, McCoy, a Minneapolis-based African American artist, summons her family heritage and legacy of closeness. Based on photographs from her family album and influenced by Impressionism, she creates suggestive afterimages of familiar, well-trodden places and loved ones with featureless faces. Mothers hold their children, a trio of friends in T-shirts and baseball caps link arms, a couple nestles close to each other: what shines through is the affection that binds them. Withholding just enough realism, her blur of emotional memories provides a canvas onto which we can project our own. (Sept. 7-Oct. 26) evergoldprojects.com

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Ever Gold [Projects]