EXPO CHICAGO Announces 2018 On-Site Program for IN/SITU, EXPO VIDEO, EXPO Sound and IN/SITU Outside Including Works by Major International Artists

Aug 22, 2018 8:35PM

Postcommodity, Repellent Fence, 2015. IN/SITU, curated by Pablo León de la Barra (Curator at Large, Latin America, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum). Image courtesy of Bockley Gallery, Minneapolis and EXPO CHICAGO.

CHICAGO—EXPO CHICAGO, The International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art, announces selections for the 2018 EXPO VIDEO, IN/SITU, EXPO Sound and IN/SITU Outside programs presented during the seventh edition (September 27 – 30). Selected by KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin Curator Anna Gritz for EXPO VIDEO, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Curator at Large, Latin America Pablo León la Barra for IN/SITU and Daata Editions for EXPO Sound, each program presents works by leading international artists throughout the exposition. Additionally, IN/SITU Outside, featuring large-scale public works curated by EXPO CHICAGO, in partnership with Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) and Navy Pier, showcases artwork throughout the City of Chicago, making high caliber contemporary art accessible to the public.  

"The 2018 program focuses on challenging curatorial thematics surrounding how our bodies respond in space, both physically and politically—a lens that carries historical precedence, while also imagining the role that contemporary art has within the marketplace to promote new futures,” said EXPO CHICAGO Director of Programming Stephanie Cristello. “What sets this iteration of EXPO CHICAGO apart is the deep critical engagement of its core curatorial programs: from large-scale sculptures that were once sited along the US-Mexico border, to moving image and video that examines the senses beyond sight and sound pieces that question the role of a voice in the 21st century.”  


Carmen Argote, My father's side of home, 2014. IN/SITU, curated by Pablo León de la Barra (Curator at Large, Latin America, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum). Image courtesy of Instituto de Visión (Bogota, Colombia) and EXPO CHICAGO.


Installed within the vast architecture and vaulted ceilings of Navy Pier’s iconic Festival Hall, the IN/SITU program features major installations and large-scale work. Curated by Pablo León la Barra (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Curator at Large, Latin America), the 2018 program explores the role art plays in promoting positive societal change and broadening ways of thinking. Several of the artists selected by León la Barra have been directly affected by human rights violations and marginalization, their work giving visibility to their struggles.  

“Our recent political times have been characterized by a resurgence of new extreme fascisms, characterized by the spread of hate towards those that are different and the erosion of the rights of minorities,” said Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Curator at Large, Latin America Pablo León la Barra. “As such, IN/SITU presents works by artists addressing issues regarding gender, feminism, otherness, ethnicity, migration, a search for home, as well as activism and community building in order to transform the viewer to leave the exposition as an empowered citizen.”

2018 IN/SITU Artists:  

Carmen Argote | Instituto de Visión (Bogota, Colombia)  

Iván Argote | PERROTIN (New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai)  

Firelei Báez | Kavi Gupta (Chicago)  

Judy Chicago | Jessica Silverman Gallery (San Francisco) and Salon 94 (New York)  

Sam Durant | Praz-Delavallade (Los Angeles, Paris)  

Iván Navarro | Paul Kasmin Gallery (New York)  

Postcommodity | Bockley Gallery (Minneapolis)  

Carlos Motta | P.P.O.W. (New York)  

Oscar Murillo | David Zwirner (New York, London, Hong Kong)  

Bosco Sodi | Paul Kasmin Gallery (New York)  



Additional IN/SITU Programming | /Dialogues Stage  


IN/SITU — In Conversation  

Saturday, September 29 | 11:30am – 12:30pm  


Panelists | Iván Navarro (Artist | Paul Kasmin Gallery | New York, TEMPLON | Paris, Brussels)  

Known for his large-scale installations in both public and indoor spaces, using neon as a primary medium paired with mirrored reflections, Iván Navarro discusses various projects on view in Chicago within the context of his relationship to critiquing power and institutional structures. Additional artists and panelists to be announced. Presented in partnership with Artnet.  

To read full descriptions of the selected artworks, click here.  


Past IN/SITU curators include Florence Derieux (2017) | Independent Curator; Diana Nawi (2016) | Associate Curator at Pérez Art Museum Miami; Louis Grachos (2015) | Executive Director of The Contemporary Austin; Renaud Proch (2014) | Executive Director, Independent Curators International (ICI); Shamim M. Momin (2013) | Director and Curator, Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND); and Michael Ned Holte (2012) | Independent curator and art critic.

Sam Durant, Am I Next?, 2017. IN/SITU, curated by Pablo León de la Barra (Curator at Large, Latin America, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum). Image courtesy of Praz-Delavallade (Los Angeles, Paris) and EXPO CHICAGO.


The 2018 EXPO VIDEO program, entitled Portrait of a Tongue — Towards Non-Visibility, will be on view in two large-format screenings rooms on the main floor of Festival Hall. Curated by Anna Gritz (Curator, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin), EXPO VIDEO features an in-depth presentation of dynamic and provocative videos by nine artists whose films question the material reality of contents pictured in an image, including a dedicated two-channel installation by Kandis Williams (Night Gallery | Los Angeles); and a group presentation of artists Judy Chicago’s (Jessica Silverman Gallery | San Francisco and Salon94 | New York) seminal Women and Smoke (1971), featuring complex firework pieces that involved site-specific performances around California; a cinematic and visceral investigation into the physicality of film by Ed Atkins (Gavin Brown's enterprise | New York, Rome); and Kathleen White’s (Martos Gallery | New York) earliest post-college performance, The Spark Between L And D (1987) — made in response to the global AIDS crisis, the film demonstrates a humorous and horrific allegory of the artist’s transcendent sense for loss, among others.  

“For this year's EXPO VIDEO screening program, I assembled a group of artistic positions that look at the body as a way to escape the limiting options for existence that our socially conditioned sensorium leaves us with," said KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin Curator Anna Gritz. "Somewhere between mysticism, media critique and empathy, the program petitions for a reimagining of what it means to have a body, or what it means to have to have seen, heard, touched.”  


2018 EXPO VIDEO Artists:  

Screening Room 1  

Kandis Williams | Night Gallery, Los Angeles  

Eurydice (2018)  

Screening Room 2  

Ed Atkins | Gavin Brown's enterprise, New York, Rome  

Delivery To The Following Recipient Failed Permanently (2011)  

Hannah Black | Arcadia Missa, London

My Bodies (2014)

Judy Chicago | Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco and Salon 94, New York  

Women and Smoke (1971)  


Tony Cokes | Video Data Bank  

6^ (2001)  


Adam Putnam | P.P.O.W, New York  

Reclaimed Empire (2008–2017)  


Nicole Wermers | Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco  

Palisades (1998)  


Kathleen White | Martos Gallery, New York  

The Spark Between L And D (1987)  


To read full Curatorial Statement and descriptions of the selected artworks, click here.  


Past EXPO VIDEO curators include Ali Subotnick (2017) | Independent Curator; Daria de Beauvais (2016) | Curator at the Palais de Tokyo (Paris); Alfredo Cramerotti (2015) | Director of MOSTYN (Wales, United Kingdom); Astria Suparak, (2014) | independent curator; and Dean Otto (2013) | Program Manager of the Film/Video Department at Minneapolis’ Walker Art Center.

Kandis Williams, Eurydice, 2018. EXPO VIDEO, Curated by Anna Gritz (Curator, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin). Image courtesy of Night Gallery (Los Angeles) and EXPO CHICAGO.

EXPO Sound    

The 2018 EXPO Sound program entitled The Afterlife Will Have Everything, curated by Saskia Hubert and David Gryn for Daata Editions (an online platform for the sale of commissioned artist video, sound and web art editions), introduces recent artworks by select international artists whose works explore the role of speech within the context of the rise of artificial intelligence, and a growing aspiration for human embodiment.   “The 2018 EXPO Sound program exposes the voice as the designator of present comfort and future angst,” said Daata Editions Director David Gryn. Amidst the waves of artificial intelligence, there is an increased need to perceive chances brought to us, risks to anticipate and actions to take in preserving self-evident commodities. The voice is in flux and the selection of 2018 sound works signifies this process, illuminating present and future dimensions of voice.”

Paired with sound pieces produced by current students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the program will be installed at the /Dialogues Stage within the exposition hall, providing a dynamic interlude to the panel programming at the 2018 edition.  


2018 EXPO Sound Artists:    

Maria Antelman | Daata Editions Thora Dolven Balke| Daata Editions Jenny Boyles | School of the Art Institute of Chicago  

Matt Copson | Daata Editions Xiaolong Fang | School of the Art Institute of Chicago FlucT | Daata Editions Jack E Jacob | School of the Art Institute of Chicago  

Anthony Janas | School of the Art Institute of Chicago  

Yitong Lu | School of the Art Institute of Chicago  

Kevin McGrath/Yu Nong Lin | School of the Art Institute of Chicago  

Fay Nicolson | Daata Editions Marina Rosenfeld | Daata Editions  

Jon Skoog | Daata Editions  

Andy Slater | School of the Art Institute of Chicago  

Stephen Vitiello | Daata Editions      

To read the full Curatorial Statement, click here.

Ed Atkins, Delivery To The Following Recipient Failed Permanently, 2011. EXPO VIDEO, Curated by Anna Gritz (Curator, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin). Image courtesy of Gavin Brown's enterprise, (New York, Rome) and EXPO CHICAGO.

IN/SITU Outside  

IN/SITU Outside provides the opportunity for EXPO CHICAGO exhibitors to present temporary public art installations situated along the Lakefront and throughout Chicago neighborhoods, presented in partnership with the Chicago Park District (CPD), the City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) and Navy Pier.

The selections for 2018 IN/SITU Outside installations include Justin Brice Guariglia (MARUANI MERCIER) | We Are The Asteroid I (2018), Navy Pier; Iván Navarro (Paul Kasmin Gallery) | This Land is Your Land (2014), Polk Bros Park, Navy Pier; and Lawrence Weiner | OUT OF SIGHT (2016), Maggie Daley Park and 606/Walsh Park.  

The 2018 IN/SITU Outside works join previously sited installations, including: Bernar Venet’s (Paul Kasmin Gallery) | Disorder: 9 Uneven Angles (2015), Congress Pkwy and Columbus Drive; Mark Di Suvero (Paula Cooper Gallery) | Magma (2008-2011) and Destino (2003), Queen’s Landing and East of Lakeshore Drive / 53rd Street; Daniel Buren (Bortolami) | Attrape-Soleil (2013), Chicago’s Museum Campus and Ewerdt Hilgemann (BORZO Gallery) | Habakuk (Homage to Max Ernst) (2014), Chicago’s Museum Campus.  


2018 IN/SITU Outside Artists:  

Justin Brice Guariglia | MARUANI MERCIER  We Are The Asteroid I (2018)  

Presented with Navy Pier and made possible by a grant from Science Rising and the Union of Concerned Scientists  

Located at Navy Pier  

Iván Navarro | Paul Kasmin Gallery  

This Land is Your Land (2014)  

Presented with Navy Pier  

Located at Polk Bros Park, Navy Pier  

Lawrence Weiner | Courtesy of the Artist and Larry Warsh  

OUT OF SIGHT (2016)  

Presented with the Chicago Park District and DCASE  

Located at Maggie Daley Park and the 606/Walsh Park  

Judy Chicago, Women and Smoke, 1971. EXPO VIDEO, Curated by Anna Gritz (Curator, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin). Image courtesy of Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco and Salon 94 (New York) and EXPO CHICAGO.

About the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events  

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) is dedicated to enriching Chicago’s artistic vitality and cultural vibrancy. This includes fostering the development of Chicago’s non-profit arts sector, independent working artists and for-profit arts businesses; providing a framework to guide the City’s future cultural and economic growth, via the 2012 Chicago Cultural Plan; marketing the City’s cultural assets to a worldwide audience; and presenting high-quality, free and affordable cultural programs for residents and visitors. For more information, visit cityofchicago.org/dcase.  

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The Chicago Park District is the steward of more than 8,100 acres of open space, totaling 580 parks, 26 miles of lakefront, 10 museums, two world-class conservatories, 16 historic lagoons, 10 bird and wildlife gardens, thousands of special events, sports and entertaining programs. For more information, visit www.chicagoparkdistrict.com.  

About Navy Pier  

Located on Lake Michigan, Navy Pier is one of the top-attended nonprofit cultural destinations in the Midwest, stretching more than six city blocks and welcoming more than 9 million guests annually. Originally opened in 1916 as a shipping and recreation facility, this Chicago landmark showcases more than 50 acres of parks, restaurants, attractions, retail shops, sightseeing and dining cruise boats, exposition facilities and more. In 2018, Navy Pier continues to usher in its second century with ongoing pier-wide redevelopment efforts – including the Fifth Third Bank Family Pavilion, Peoples Energy Welcome Pavilion, 220-room hotel and more – in addition to free, year-round arts and cultural programming designed to inspire, educate and connect communities across the city and globe. For more information, visit www.navypier.org or download the free Navy Pier app for Android and iOS device users.  

About Daata Editions  

Daata Editions is an online platform for collecting artists’ video, sound, poetry and web-based artwork. Dedicated to supporting artwork online, Daata Editions commissions works available to view and acquire as digital downloads in a limited edition. www.daata-editions.com  


EXPO CHICAGO 2018, The International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art, is presented by Art Expositions, LLC at Navy Pier’s Festival Hall, hosting more than 135 leading International exhibitors presented alongside one of the highest quality platforms for global contemporary art and culture. Entering its seventh year as a leading international art fair, EXPO CHICAGO offers diverse programming including /Dialogues, IN/SITU, IN/SITU Outside, EXPO VIDEO, the Curatorial Forum, the Art Critics Forum, EXPO Sound and OVERRIDE | A Billboard Project. In addition, EXPO CHICAGO continues to publish THE SEEN, Chicago's International Journal of Contemporary & Modern Art. Under the leadership of President and Director Tony Karman, EXPO CHICAGO draws upon the city’s rich history as a vibrant international cultural destination, while highlighting the region’s contemporary arts community and inspiring its collector base.  

The seventh edition will align with Art Design Chicago, and together with the Chicago Humanities Festival, Navy Pier and the Terra Foundation for American Art, will present the first-ever Hans Ulrich Obrist Marathon in the United States on Saturday, September 29.  

Vernissage, the opening night preview benefiting the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, takes place Thursday, Sept 27, 6–9 p.m. General Admission to the exposition is Thursday, Sept. 27 –Sunday, Sept. 30 (for hours please visit expochicago.com). Tickets to the exposition are on sale now. Northern Trust is the Presenting Sponsor of EXPO CHICAGO. For more information about EXPO CHICAGO and EXPO ART WEEK (Monday, Sept. 24–Sunday, Sept. 30), visit expochicago.com.