Men From The Sea

Fabio Coruzzi
Jul 20, 2013 3:15PM

There are people and people: there are people that belong to the sky, people that belong to the earth and people that belong to the sea…

I was born not so far from the sea of the Mediterranean, I spend my existence with the sweet voice of the sea that is calling. So I go to the coast as often I can. At dawn I can see them, I can see the “Men from the sea” coming back at early morning, maybe it’s still night up in the sky. They bring the life from the liquid world, their faces carved by marine wind that brings warmth and pureness of solitude.

This painting is an ode to these “Men from the the sea”. I remind the audience about this amazing culture that live the harmonic relationship between the earth and the water.

Contemporary society has totally forgotten about this noble people from the coast, has forgotten their lonely night in the limbo between air and water united by the darkness, the black color of the infinity. 



Screen print, oil pastels,

acrylics, pen, markers,

water colours on canvas

cm 70x50



Fabio Coruzzi