My ArtRio Highlights

Fabio Szwarcwald
Aug 28, 2013 10:12PM

My experience at art fairs is always very interesting, as we go from anguish to ecstasy in a few days, sometimes in hours! When I go to a fair I always try to see everything before I decide to buy anything. In fact, I believe many times it’s the work that chooses us, not the contrary. But for that to happen you must be open to emotions and feelings, and not get attached to certain heavyweight galleries or artists.

My idea in this selection was to put young artists who are really active in the national scene alongside artists who are just now starting to become internationally recognized. They all have a different language; each has his or her own style, concept, and plasticity. All the pieces are very representative of each artist and clearly shows his or her work and the dialogue he or she wants to establish with the public. I really believe all the artists I listed deserve to be highlighted, especially the young ones. Additionally, there are currently two outstanding galleries in Rio that are not in my selection, which I’d like to highlight—Vermelho and Mendes Wood.

Nuno Ramos, Lâmina, 2012, at Anita Schwartz

Nazareth Pacheco, Saia, 2010, at Murilo Castro

Ana Holck, Sem título / Untitled, 2012 at Zipper

Carla Chaim, Composição, 2012, at Galeria Raquel Arnaud

Barrão, Totem, 2012, at Laura Marsiaj

Mariana Palma, Untitled, 2013, at Casa Triângulo

Eduardo Berliner, Hedgehog, 2012, at Casa Triângulo

Marcelo Moscheta, Notes From the Cold #6, 2012, at Leme

Lucia Koch, Popcorn, 2013, at Nara Roesler

Maria Nepomuceno, Sem título / Untitled, 2013, at A Gentil Carioca

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Fabio Szwarcwald