Winter is Coming

Fine Art Dealers Association
Dec 3, 2014 10:53PM

Although Winter does not officially begin until December 21st, the first of December unofficially commences the preparations for Winter’s festivities.  While December weather in Boston is a bit more frigid than Los Angeles’ breezy mid 60 degree temperature, it nonetheless kickstarts a universal nostalgia for Winter coziness: either sitting by the fire, or simulated yule log on TV. Naturally, the change of seasons inspires artists, whose paintings wonderfully capture the tranquility of a still December snow. These paintings are a much-needed antidote for warmer climates and its inhabitants who don’t experience a “real” Christmas, very much amplifying whimsical ideas of serene snow storms.Art history’s December very much illustrates a change of mentality, transitioning from the vivacious scenes of communal activity of summer, to solitary, static panoramas of a New England forest.  Let FADA’s collection of winter works put you in a snug mood in preparation for the cold season! 

1. Ben Bauer.  Grant Township Farm by Moonlight.  Oil on canvas laid on panel.  Rehs Galleries.  Click to inquire. 

2. Rod Penner. House with Yellow Toy.  Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art. Click to inquire

3. George Gardner Symons. Snow Scene. Oil on canvas. William A. Karges Fine Art.  Click to inquire.

4. Matthew Cornell. Winter. Oil on panel. Arcadia Contemporary.  Click to inquire. 

5. Harry W. Newman.  Winter in New York City.  Oil on canvas.  Godel & Co. Fine Art.  Click to inquire. 

6. Claude Leroux. Paris Snowfall, Mid-Late 20th Century. Oil on panel. Galerie Michael. Click to inquire. 

Fine Art Dealers Association