Miklós Vörös - Lost and Found

Faur Zsofi Gallery
Mar 3, 2017 1:59PM

The compositions of lost and found objects are well-thought, revealing us fascinating stories. 
13 still life Miklós Vörös tells us 13 different stories. To be more exact, they provide guidelines and handholds to our imagination, in form of lonely and forsaken objects, we have to implement the stories for ourselves. That is exactly why, these pictures are engaging. A still life is usually unambiguous, the meaning gives itself, It doesn’t want to go beyond, especially not being an essence of a story.
Own-goal, The last text message, Office, Date. The pictures are just as intriguing as the birth circumstances of the art project: „The core of the concept was given by my continuous encounters with quaint, abandoned or exposed objects close to my living environment. As a first step, I brought one of these objects home, I was inspecting it, looking at it while conceiving a story around it. Later, I selected these found objects with the thought in mind, to somehow continue the alleged plot. When a group of objects has been piled up, enough for a complete story, I composed and eternalized them.”- recollects the artist. 

Faur Zsofi Gallery