Moments of being

Faur Zsofi Gallery
Sep 28, 2017 3:23PM

Zsófi Barabás's newest exhibition titled "Moments of being" has opened on September 7th, and you still have the opportunity to see it until 2nd of October, at the Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest.  

The name of the exhibition (Moments of being) is identical to the title of Virginia Woolf’s autobiographical novel published after her death. It refers to the frozen moments, when we experience the essence of  reality in a flash of an eye. The large-scale oil paintings present  personal stories in an abstract form.

      Zsófi  Barabás conducts a visual diary of her experiences, instead of written  notes. In the past year, more than a hundred small-sized, black and  white sketches were produced in railway booths, airports, or during  travels. These were those sketches, from which the immense and colourful  oil on canvas replicas were made. During the exhibition the visitors  can see not only the paintings, but the sketches as well, which are  displayed in the exhibition space.


      Her newest sequence, which can be seen on this exhibition, consists of 10 paintings, made over 10 months. In each painting, she reflects on moments, situations, which were specifically important to her for some reason in the last few months, and she tries to visualize experiences, scenes on canvas. There's a painting which is inspired by a certain city, another which is related to an intimate moment, and there are pictures touched by the feeling of belonging together.

Antibes, 2017.

      Zsófi's style is defined by strong colours, enclosed forms, and compositions which create the illusion of motion. In her works the organic forms dominate, the geometric forms rather appear on the paintings as symbolic supporting structures. The paintings can be understood as a diary, which reports on situations, relationships, and emotional states.

      "My intention is, that from the moment the painting is on the wall, and the visitor enters the gallery, they evolve an independent relationship with the painting. From that moment, it is more important, what they feel about the vision, rather than what I've been through until I reached the point of creating the picture." - Zsófi Barabás

Faur Zsofi Gallery