A Spectacle With a Message

Artsy Editors
Aug 19, 2013 12:10AM
"Für Paul Celan: Rutengänger" (For Paul Celan: Diviner), 2005-2007
Galerie Thomas
Morgenthau Plan, 2012
Gagosian Gallery

"Mr. Kiefer has become better and better at making Anselm Kiefers. In them grandiosity rarely takes a holiday. A very few pieces here stand on their own as visual and emotional entities. One is “Steigend steigend sinke nieder” (“Rising, rising, falling down”), a tall vitrine occupied by a cluster of giant white cast-resin sunflowers growing downward from its ceiling. These mysterious creature-plants resemble mushrooms, but they turn heliotropically upward as if seeking the sun. They’re alive."

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Artsy Editors