Elad Kopler / Eminent Domain

Ori Feinberg
Dec 11, 2014 2:03PM

In Elad Kopler's paintings, intense, fantastic coloring together with complex compositions that appear as though they undermine balance, serve as a sort of construction on the verge of collapse from which the painting is built.  In Kopler's paintings destruction becomes a new order, an 'order' that once again collapses into itself, while the figurative becomes abstract, that is reconstructed and collapses simultaneously.  This is a sort of internal factory, where once everything has been destroyed, force continues to destroy.  It undermines the ground under its own feet, devouring the remaining shell.  During the action of destroying, as it were, the picture opens up new battlefields, new conflicts, new tensions, and turns in new directions…

Elad Kopler (1974). Holds a B.E.D at Hamidrasha School of Art (2004), MFA at Bezalel (2006). Won various prizes, including: the Young Artist Award from the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport (2007); Rappoport Prize for a Young Israeli Painter from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2012). Participating these day at SELECT Miami Art Fair.

"Eminent Domain" is on view at "Feinberg Projects" gallery through January 24, 2015.

Ori Feinberg