Artworks by Filip D. Jensen

Filip D. Jensen
Oct 21, 2014 1:22PM

Filip D. Jensen is an artist and a designer living in Västerås, Sweden.
He paints mostly using acrylics and mixed media. His paintings are a unique combination of abstract and figurative elements. His works are strongly inspired by surrealism and expressionism.
Filip D. Jensen’s paintings are astonishingly fashionable and at the same time academically intellectual.  The colours and forms used by the artist are deeply touching. Contrasts and paradoxes play an important role in Filip’s art, his works could be described as surrealistically realistic; the importance of contrasts in his works is emphasized by the combination of liquid, soft forms with the minimalistic, undefined backgrounds. Filip’s works are mostly focused on the human body, deformity and raw, abstracted figures. His paintings are filled with emotions and tension. They live.

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Filip D. Jensen