Fine Art Asia 2018: An Outstanding Display of Antiques and Fine Art

Fine Art Asia
Sep 25, 2018 2:56PM

29 September – 2 October 2018

Fine Art Asia 2018, Asia’s leading international fine art fair, returns to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre next week.

Founded in 2006, Fine Art Asia 2018 is recognised as Asia’s leading international fine art fair. Attracting major Hong Kong and international galleries, the fair provides an unrivalled platform for art and antiques in Asia. Spanning 5,000 years of cultural history are museum-quality Asian and Western antiques, jewellery, antique silver and timepieces; Impressionist, modern and contemporary art; and photography.

Fine Art Asia 2018 will be staged at the peak of the art season in Hong Kong, at the same time as major art auctions, attracting dealers, collectors and art connoisseurs from all over the world.

Fair director Andy Hei said, “As always, our aim is to create a professional platform for the art market in Hong Kong, and to promote cultural exchange between East and West. Hong Kong is the focal point of the art market in Asia. Fine Art Asia 2018 provides an ideal platforms for international galleries to cater to the aspirations of knowledgeable Asian collectors.”

Renowned Galleries at Fine Art Asia 2018

Renowned international exhibitors returning to Fine Art Asia include Rossi & Rossi (London/Hong Kong) with Himalayan classical art and early textiles; Jorge Welsh Works of Art (London/Lisbon) with Chinese porcelain; Carlton Rochell Asian Art (New York) showing Buddhist masterworks from Tibet and Nepal; Rasti Chinese Art (Hong Kong) with Chinese antiques; David Aaron (London) presenting Near Eastern, Egyptian, Classical and Asiatic antiquities; Maria Kiang Chinese Art (Hong Kong) with scholar’s objects; Galerie Lamy (Brussels) with Oriental and Chinese porcelain, bronzes and jades; Vanderven Oriental Art (The Netherlands) exhibiting Chinese porcelain and works of art; Tenzing Asian Art (San Francisco) showing Himalayan sculptures; and MD Flacks (London) and Nicholas Grindley (London) with classical Chinese furniture and works of art.

Koopman Rare Art (London), Esmé Parish (Singapore/Hong Kong), and Silver and Silver (Milan) return with fine antique silver; Somlo London with antique timepieces; Susan Ollemans (London) with jewellery from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Indonesia, as well as Chinese scholar’s items; while D’Joya (Birmingham, UK), showcases contemporary designed jewellery.

Lucky Jewelry (Taipei) presents both rare Asian jewellery and iconic Western pieces; while On Tung Jewellery (Hong Kong) specialises in exquisite jadeite jewellery, both antique and contemporary. Kai-Yin Lo (Hong Kong) showcases her ‘History to Wear’ collection incorporating Chinese and Central Asian antiques into stylish wearable jewellery; while Yewn (Hong Kong) presents innovative jewelled artworks inspired by Imperial Chinese dynasties.

Gladwell & Patterson (London) return with Impressionist and modern paintings by masters including Claude Monet, Gustave Loiseau and Salvador Dali. Galerie Dumonteil (Paris, Shanghai and New York) as usual presents the finest art on animal themes, with special highlights by Rembrandt Bugatti, Joseph Csaky and Diego Giacometti.  Shibunkaku (Kyoto) showcases contemporary Japanese art, while Tanya Baxter Contemporary (London) specialises in contemporary British art.

New Highlight Exhibitors

Among new exhibitors at this year’s fair are leading antiques and art galleries from Asia, Europe and the USA, including Art & Archaeology Horiuchi (London) with classical Roman sculptures; Boccara Gallery (Paris/ Brussels) with antique and modern tapestries, modern and contemporary paintings; H.W.C. Dullaert (Amsterdam) with antique porcelain, especially pieces relating to the Dutch East India Company; K.S. Sze & Sons Ltd (Hong Kong), Ilgiz F. (Moscow) and Maison Guan (Hong Kong) with fine jewellery; Rossi Martino (Hong Kong) with post-war European art; Haynes Fine Art (London) showing 19th-21st century European paintings; and iPreciation (Singapore) presenting contemporary Asian art.

For the third year, the photography section of the fair presents a selection of artworks from vintage to contemporary, curated by Boogie Woogie Photography Agency (Hong Kong). Notable newcomers include Pékin Fine Arts (Beijing/Hong Kong); f22 foto space (Hong Kong), Independent & Image Art Space (Chongqing), and Galerie Esther Woerdehoff (Paris). In addition, there will be a special exhibition by the University Museum and Art Gallery (Hong Kong).

Special Exhibitions

International Craftsmen Association

Exhibiting for the first time at Fine Art Asia 2018, the aim of the Association is to unite craftsmen worldwide, promote craft culture, encourage young people’s interest in crafts, and let Hong Kong people know more about craftsmen’s experiences. Artworks from Japan, China and Hong Kong are featured, including Tenmoku tea bowls by Takeshi Furukawa, pewter and other Japanese metal arts by Seikado of Kyoto, works by Hong Kong’s first resin wood craftsman Rolland Cheung and botanical pieces by Irene Choy.

Sculpture Contemporary 2018

Curated by Eric Leung and presented by Fine Art Asia 2018, ‘Sculpture Contemporary 2018’ features the work of established Hong Kong artists Kevin Fung, Ho Yuen Leung, Tenme Kwan, Jaffa Lam, Lam Yau Sum, Danny Lee, Jarvis Luk, Man Fung Yi, Mok Yat San and Matthew Tsang.

Academic Programme

The Fine Art Asia 2018 Academic Programme features lectures and seminars by leading art experts from Hong Kong and overseas. For details, please visit The Hong Kong Art School, a division of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, is the Education Partner of Fine Art Asia for the seventh year and will hold artist talks and workshops at its booth during the fair.

Notes: High resolution images and more information can be downloaded here:

Image Captions (from left to right):

Roman marble statue of Venus Pudica c. 2nd century AD, Art & Archaeology Horiuchi, London

Vajrapani, China, 18th century, Distemper on cloth, Rossi & Rossi,  London/Hong Kong

Diego Giacometti (1902-1985), La Promenade des Amis, c. 1975, Bronze, signed, green patina, monogram, Galerie Dumonteil, Paris/Shanghai/New York

Fine Art Asia