Human Heritage

Apr 12, 2014 3:30PM
We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children

This wise old proverb, rooted in the Continent which gave rise to the human species, sounds common sense at the turn of this new century. Consumerism reaches its limits without the prospect of any real alternative. Women and men of culture know that the time has come to change to another paradigm. Recognizing «the more» is not necessarily «the better» brings us to the question of new relationship to the other.

The turbulent last half century offered everyone undeniable benefits. Through Human Heritage, we consider the best that progress has to offer is to make us realize its own limitations.

Having an inward look, going back to fundamentals, splitting the necessary to the useful, praising the beauty in all its forms, also means having trust in our neighbours and transcend what makes life so magic, in its most pleasant expressions.

We are all responsible for the heritage

Every day, know-how of excellence disappear, historical anchors dissolve away in new consumption dictats. We are moving away from civilizations century-long traditions, swept along by a rich and abundantly creative world, in an ephemeral goal.

Human Heritage wanted to bring together women and men who have proficiency of very specific and ancestral know-hows, and women and men thirst of culture, history of traditions, and uniqueness.

Human Heritage aims to be a powerful and proactive stimulus for these noble and unbounded aspirations, selecting worldwide exclusive products shaped by the handwork of the most skilled artisans and craftsmen.

To remind the high value of human time and know-how history, to understand the raw materials transformation processes, to reinstate the product as a singular and unique good, to catalyse, promote

To provide the person skilled in the art a new way to make its knowledge and exceptional craft known and ensure the transmission of this priceless heritage.

That is our commitment.

We think that nothing is “possible or impossible”.There are only more or less daring challenges.   SOON