Sonic-threads by Ntogn at"Where Threads Lead" Exhibition

Frantic Gallery
Jun 16, 2017 4:34AM

To invite an artist working in the field of Techno Music and ask him to create a “thread” in audio dimension would mean first of all to remind the audience that it is Techno more than any genre or direction in music that is based on continuity as well as repetition/sequence/chain, where “before and after” (the tension between what is coming/returning/building up and what is fading away/covered over/transformed) is crucial for the dialog between listener and the artist. The sonic structure unfolding between them is abstract and transparent as installation out of threads: without message, lyrics or even “moods”, but invested with the desire: anticipation, for example, on the side of the listener and the endless games with unpredictability, displacement, delays on the side of the musician. In its principle, Techno Tracks are in affinity with visual artworks created with Threads.

The music by Swedish musician Ntogn has nevertheless even more to do with the presented in the show artists. Creating “audio-derivations”, Ntogn, while working in the realm of “machine music”, researches less linear and more de-centered structures. Similar to works with threads, his beats involve and envelope enormous space with connotations to both light and darkness. Neither silhouette line nor the background is fixed here: as soon as we finally touch the base and are sure it is the lower limit of the track Ntogn surprises us with even deeper sound coming from an unexpected direction and kicking off the grounds from us again. To rephrase it, with Ntogn you can never be sure if it is “The Ninth Wave” already and you can finally take a breath or “The Ninth Wave” is still to come…. from the side you can’t foresee. Finally, like no other Dj being clear about how far beyond music his "music" aims to go, Ntogn explores as spiritual as primitive –forgotten and not yet discovered –potentials of “bass and beat” exhaling in his hypnotic snake-like techno-threads “clouds of smoke” from the sacred rituals and infusing his techno with ceremonial mysticism.

"THREADS" (the full album)

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