My Highlights from Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2015

My Selection:
, Red Disc, 1995-2010, at 1301PE
Before Anish Kapoor, there was, and always will be, Ann Veronica Janssens! I love the simple shapes and the effect of light! This is a phenomenological experience.
, Mat for multidimensional prayers, 2014, at i8 Gallery
Olafur Eliasson is always inspiring. I don’t pray, but beyond religion, let’s try to reach another dimension altogether! 
, Late Lugano, 2014, at Rachel Uffner Gallery

I have seen Sam Moyer’s works on several occasions, and the contrast in materials looks stunning!
Radical, yet poetic! The best artist at the fair from Germany, in my opinion.
, Angst, 2013, at i8 Gallery
Alicja is a great artist—always clever!
, Department of Subterranea - Rozbark, 2014, at Edel Assanti
I discovered this artist at Art Brussels last year and am looking forward to seeing how his work has evolved.