Jan 25, 2015 9:45AM


Filipe Condado was born in Lisbon in 1973. He was educated in this area: the contemporary art theory, the history of photography, the treatment of digital photography, a degree in marketing.

"Every day we are confronted with images and people which don’t cease to surprise us with its beauty. Beauty is not always something perfect and often it’s not the correct proportions and clear lines. But it is in details and always amenable to different interpretations. It is important to awaken in the people their highest senses to the aesthetic sides of the objects. Because all what we see around us is our reality, our standing among « habitat », our home." 

Works by Filipe Condado challenge the viewer. They urge us to stop and peer into what is happening, like on the canvas of photographer and in the reality that surrounds us. And here we just should to see more than it’s actually, to read between the lines, to reach a new level of vision.

It’s important to stop and stay near the photos, a little breath and to carry this feeling as long as possible. Studio of Filipe Condado is located in Estefania, Lisbon, in a building built in 1930.

Photographer’s works are in private and public collections in France, Portugal, USA, Italy, Spain and others countries.