Jessica Levy's Future Fair Picks

Future Fair
May 28, 2020 5:00pm
Jessica Levy is an art advisor based on Long Island, New York. She founded JL Art Advisory in 2010 and also co-founded Hourglass Advisory in 2018. Levy earned her BFA at the University of Michigan, which gave her the opportunity to work hands-on with various mediums such as ceramics, lithography, photography, textiles, and painting. After graduating, she entered NYU for her MFA, concentrating in ceramic sculpture. In 1998, during her MFA program, Levy found a community of contemporaries that were interested in buying art, but were overwhelmed by the “new Chelsea” environment. It was at this point that Levy pinpointed her uniqueness in embracing the psychological connection of why people buy art, and began to assist her contemporaries with cultivating new collections.
Levy is now a mother of two girls, and her experience with art advisory has continued for well over 20 years. She has developed a strong and loyal clientele, both privately and corporately. Levy always has her clients’ best interests in mind and strives to educate them in looking not just at the ebbs and flows of the art market, but also at the power of connection between the viewer and an acquisition.
“I love the visual world where women find their power. Love the exaggeration of the bodies and forms, as if when a situation is in your mind, sometimes it’s not as if you think. The figures are unique and super-heroine like the colors.”
“Incredible how you feel the plumpness of the figures. You can truly sense how they fill the canvas as if there isn’t enough room. There is so much emotion!”
“Love the playfulness, settings and the richness of the palette.”
“This is what we need in life right now -- the peacefulness; the dreamlike whimsical strokes are a curative to our current times. It is like a Renior. The simplicity of life just connecting with animals.”
“WOW this execution is amazing!!! You would have no idea these are acrylics on canvas. I love a steady hand.”
“Interesting yet ghostly hands holding objects of nature. I enjoy that the objects are more in focus than the arms. The compositions are so great, you feel the balance.”
“Mesmerizing mandalas! Something that you can return to over and over, and create new dialogues. It’s very interactive and engaging.”
“Being a former ceramist myself, I love the folk art drawings using clay tiles. Seems like story telling or pages to an illustrated book.”
“I love the 1970’s era! The technique of using oil sticks is fantastic. It makes me wish I could appreciate this texture in person!!!”
“As a child I would have these dreams of shapes in the atmosphere and how they could be linked together -- as if these shapes were people. These paintings bring me back to those visions. The paintings are so well executed too! I love the surrealism of objects.”

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