Dejha Carrington's Future Fair Picks

Future Fair
May 19, 2020 8:12PM

Dejha Carrington

Dejha Carrington is VP of Communications of National YoungArts Foundation, a nonprofit that supports its artists throughout their careers, and is Co-Founder of Commissioner.

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Dejha Carrington's Selections from Future Fair Online

1. Lucia Hierro, Sean Horton Gallery

Mandao: Para Baby Chower (Hung Open) #2, 2019

2. Lyndon Barrois, Rubber Factory

VN-C-001, 2020

3. Jessie Makinson, Fabian Lang

Tender Trick, 2019

4. Guillaume Pinard, Anne Berrault

Oumou, 2019

5. Nadine Faraj, Anna Zorina Gallery

Be Hollow With Perforated Walls So Flute Music Can Happen, 2018

6. Kalup Lindsay, Sean Horton Gallery

Brenna On The Phone, 2019

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Future Fair