Future Fair Tastemaker Selections: Anwarii Musa

Future Fair
Sep 3, 2021 3:23PM

Born in Queens, Anwarii Musa is a respected Art Advisor based in New York City. He brings more than a decade of experience in working within the contemporary art world advising private collectors and leading art acquisitions. Anwarii started his career at Sotheby’s in 2007 and founded ArtMatic in 2014, where he has built a vast and trusted network working with a variety of artists, collectors, dealers and institutions. Here are some of his favorite works from Future Fair.


Pajtim Osmanaj
Now! (The Story of the Evolution of a Falling Star), 2021
Swivel Gallery
Ojo Ayotunde
The Big Question, 2021
Nyama Fine Art
Derek Weisberg
Empire in Decay IV, 2021
Swivel Gallery
Marcus Jansen
NOVUS Landscape with Red Tape, 2021
Ilèkùn Wa
Ernesto Burgos
TBT, 2021
Ross+Kramer Gallery
Luján Pérez Hernández
When These Vessels Felt Like Giants (Albarelo, Pinky Root Propagation), 2021
Swivel Gallery
Evan Whale
In My Room (The Forgotten Edge) , 2020-2021
Tyler Park Presents
Drew Weech
Ad Painting (020821), 2021
TERN Gallery
Future Fair