Katy Hamer's Future Fair Picks

Future Fair
May 28, 2020 7:21PM

Katy Hamer, photo by Kelsey Fowler

Katy Hamer is the founding editor of the art and culture website Eyes-Towards-The-Dove and freelances as a professional art writer. Focusing on art reviews, previews, top picks, features, and interviews, she covers contemporary art and culture with interests in the Italian Renaissance and modern art. Hamer contributes to GrandLife, The Creative Independent,The Art Newspaper, Cool Hunting, Cultured magazine, Galerie magazine, Flash Art International, W magazine, New York magazine (Vulture), and many others. Interview highlights include subjects such as Robert Storr, Courtney Love, Lyle Ashton Harris, Brett Gorvy, Rebecca Horn, and Helmut Lang. Hamer is an adjunct faculty member of summer school at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art and a continuing education faculty member at the New York School of Interior Design, both as of 2019.

Rajni Perera
I take a journey, you take a journey, we take a journey together, 2020
Patel Brown
Rajni Perera
Ancestor 2 , 2019
Patel Brown
Guillaume Pinard
Ego, 2019
Anne Barrault
Julia Kunin
Standing Double Dish, 2015
Mother Gallery
Anthony Olubunmi Akinbola
CAMOUFLAGE #014 (Valentino), 2020
Slag Gallery
Future Fair