Future Generation Art Prize
Mar 14, 2014 4:26PM

Main Prize

The Main Prize will be awarded to one artist who will receive the amount of US$ 100,000 from the international jury in the context of an exhibition. The Prize will be split in US$ 60,000 in cash and US$ 40,000 for the investment of new work production.

Special Prize

Within the framework of selecting the Prize winner, the jury will have the opportunity to additionally award the Special Prize to support young talents.The Special Prize will not be bound to a financial award but rather serve above all to support the further development of the artist in form of residences in different art contexts.

To implement such programs the art center allocates $ 20,000. In some cases, the amount can be increased by the decision of the organizers. Special Prize can be awarded up to 5 artists upon the decision of the jury.

Future Generation Art Prize