My Highlights from PINTA NY 2013

Gabriel Perez-Barreiro
Nov 6, 2013 5:23PM

It would be misleading to try to find an underlying theme when selecting from a fair. I simply looked through the works and chose the ones that caught my attention.

It was great to see works by a couple of my favorite underrepresented artists: José Pedro Costigliolo and Victor Magarinos D.

Ricardo Alcaide, Instrusions, 2013, at Baró Galeria

Aníbal Lopez A-1 53167, Assisted Drawing (Dibujo Asistido), 2011, at the 9.99

Pablo Jansana, Untitled Nr10 Adrienne Rich, 2012, at Artespacio

Donna Conlon/Jonathan Harker, Domino Effect, 2013, at Diablo Rosso

Patricia Belli, Alambre decorado 4, 2013, at EspIRA / Adrede

José Pedro Costigliolo, Rectangulos CCXXX, 1975, at Sammer Gallery LLC

Victor Magarinos D, Untitled, circa 1950, at Sammer Gallery LLC

Antonio Asis, Maquette 2 #3056, 1960, at KaBe Contemporary

Artists to watch in 2014:

All of them!  It’s the only way to train your eye.

My number one tip for collecting art:

Listen to your instincts, but question them too. If after your questioning you still feel the same way, or feel something stronger, it’s probably worth acquiring.

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Gabriel Perez-Barreiro