Romeo Tabuena at the Eighth Biennial of Sao Paulo

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Oct 20, 2017 10:01PM

Romeo Tabuena was one of the artists deemed Commissioner and Participant Artist for the Eighth Bienal held in the city of Sao Paolo Brazil in 1965 in his capacity as one of the most important and relevant contemporary artists in the Philippines. The Bienal was officially inaugurated on September 4, 1965 at 11:00 am by the President of Brazil, Castelo Branco, with five thousand works of art, including painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving, jewellery, theater arts, books and graphic arts, shown by 54 nations.

Romeo Tabuena, 1965

Mexico was represented by two great artists: Rafael Coronel with his figurative art and Gunther Gerzso with his abstract landscapes. However Mexico was deservedly honored with a Gold Medal and a Special Prize for the wonderful and magnificent project of the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, created by the architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez.

Asian nations shown on the third floor were the Philippines, South Korea, China and Vietnam, where they all—according to Tabuena—focused on the same effects and creative techniques with the same artistic sensibility. Romeo Tabuena said that this international event had a happy effect on him and his work since he gained knowledge about the organization of the Bienal and learned more about his fellow international artists, giving him a clearer idea of the contemporary art scene.

Mexican newspaper, 1965

Message from Romeo Tabuena to the Philippine Government:

“The Philippine participation must admiteddly be regarded at this time as pioneering work and I trust that eventually our Government as well as other authorities concerned will realiza and take advantage of the great opportunity that an artistic event as this can do to promote our country and raise its importance on the cultural international scene. Should our Government find it feasible to set up an organization and funds to promote a more effective participation in the future, I for one would say that it would be more than worthwhile. I hope that my information on the representation of the different participations mentioned would serve as examples for whatever you wish to do in the future.”

Award Winners – Visual Arts

Foreign – Grand Prix VIII Bienal of Sao Paulo
Alberto Burry (Italia)
Victor Vasarely (Francia)
Mejor Pintor Internacional – Kumi Sugai (Japón)
Mejor Escultor Internacional – Marta Colvin (Chile)
Mejor Grabador Internacional – James Bernik (Yugoslavia)
Mejor Diseñador Internacional – Juan Ponc (España)

Mejor Pintor Nacional – Danilo de Prete
Mejor Escultor Nacional – Sergio Camargo
Mejor Grabador Nacional – Maria Bonomi
Mejor Diseñador Nacional – Fernando Odriozola

Special Awards
Búsqueda de Arte – Jean Tinguely (Siuza)
Arte Aplicado –Magdalena Abakanowics  (Polonia)
Bienal Americana de Cordoba – Rafael Coronel (México)
Premio Isai Leirner – Francisco Jung (Venezuela)
Mención Especial con Medalla – S. Libensky y J. Brychtova (Checoslovaquia)

Fernando Maza – Argentina
Roy Kiyoka – Canadá
Edgard Negret – Colombia
Ung – No Lee – Corea
Westerik – Holanda
Hava Mehutan – Israel
Ulf Ramberg – Suecia
Carlos Poveda – Panamerican Union

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