Jürgen Heinz / sculptures out of steel

Sep 2, 2017 10:40AM

THE SPACE WITHIN Jürgen Heinz / Katharina Lehmann July6 - Sept2

Jürgen Heinz abstracts reality and truth further and destroys the expectations of his material, the steel. The metal otherwise used in the heavy industry is alienated from its usual use and reversed to the contrary. Heinz creates movable, futuristic sculptures that are as far away as possible from bridge construction and reinforced concrete.

The modular work like "interface" or "people" reminds of monuments or monuments, they change space by their mere presence. Simple forms, arranged from mobile modules and divided by cuts, form a fascinating order, which can not be withdrawn. They want to go and sculpt the sculptures straight, complete the forms and remove the asymmetries, and yet feel that these are necessary for the special attraction of the steel constructions. For these forms and patterns are only constructed, they keep the steady state of orderly chaos, and between the steel modules of "interface" space remains - from which we then form our reality.

Text: Marina Sprenger