"Constructivist" Robert Klippel exhibits outside of Australia after 50-years in Zurich's Baur au Lac

Galerie Gmurzynska
Jun 20, 2013 6:59PM

"Constructivist" Robert Klippel (1920-2001) is a preeminent sculptor of the 20th century and although having exhibited prominently in New York from the late 50s to mid 1960s he returned to his native country Australia and legendarily refused to show outside of the country since.

For the first time in five decades, Galerie Gmurzynska in collaboration with Gigi Kracht of Baur au Lac and Art In The Park XI, presents a monumental outdoor exhibition of his sculptures seen outside of Australia.

On view through August 7 at the Park at Baur au Lac Hotel, Talstrasse 1, Zurich, Switzerland.

Galerie Gmurzynska

Art In The Park

Baur au Lac

photos courtesy of Galerie Gmurzynska

Galerie Gmurzynska