Contemporary furniture : “Futurisite” design

Galerie Loft
May 3, 2018 3:01PM

On the occasion of Design, Néo-futuriste exhibition, Galerie Loft has the pleasure to introduce the “futurisite” edition, through the medium of stainless steel that the artists progresse their art.

From carving precious metals and creating jewelry for the “grands couturiers ” to designing his fascinating half sculpture-half furniture, Guillaume Piéchaud perfectly combined the two roles into one, and finally gave metal the gift of speech. His connection with the couturiers exerts a subtle influence on his creation, perhaps that’s why the boutiques of Dior, Paul Smith etc. chose his design for their interior decoration. The softness of works that Guillaume creates by means of an impressive sequence of cutting, welding and polishing, attracts the eyes and the hands of the beholder ; Peter Marino, for example, the world’s most sought after architect, he could not take his eyes off Guillaume’s works for the first time.

Through a list of patterns and oneiric shapes, Guillaume built his own world, a visual universe full of metal fauna’s forms, especially insect and marine life. It is a pleasure to introduce audiences to the new editions of Galerie Loft, cooperating with Guillaume Piéchaud. He gives his best to mix the talents of a great artist with the skill of a great technician and carried it to extremes ( as Tabouret Sirène avec Écailles, Mermaide Stool with Scale in English ), through handling the details - brass scales covering the surface. He creates sculptors of the real and the unreal. Astonishing and seductive, primal and fantastic, this new edition surprised everyone.

With passion for free expression, Olivier Moravik, for the first time presented his newest design at the Galerie Loft, which is totally different from what he used to create, the form as well as the material. As for the purity that emerges from the voluptuous curves, it shows his meditation of the origin of life that Olivier casts on the work - the project Utérus ( Uterus in English). You might be shocked by the name, however, when you see the real work in front of you, you can see that artist pours his passionate enthusiasm into this great piece without doute and finally feel his intention. Two divided seats converge in the middle table via two fluent and curving branches, which depicts the contours of human’s uterus, also means two DNAs linking together. Derived from Uterus project, Titus, a coffee table, keeps the same tendresse, meanwhile, emphasizes on the simplicity and symmetry. Less is more. Radius has only one characteristic simplicity but it could be a low bench, a table, a sculpture etc.

In short, the mirror polished stainless steel’s skin, a material naturally so cold, however filled of warmth and softness thanks of the shape and brightness of the objects designed by Olivier.  

Besides, the works of Marino Di Teana, Philippe Hiquily, Philippe Druillet, ALCA, Stefan Pichlmüller and Daniel Hourdé are also presented during the Design, Néo-futuriste exhibition. Faced with the works, we cannot fail to be touched, and lost in the contemplation of the artistic skills by the material and human character of their works.

Galerie Loft